Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Tiny Desktops

by wootbot

Tiny is a relative thing. To a spider, this is basically UNIVAC.

Someone in outer space there's a powerful being the size of a hundred suns. Do you know what that person calls the Lenovo M700 Tiny Desktop? A micro-processor. And do you know what the citizens of a itty-bitty microverse calls the Lenovo M700 Tiny Desktop? An old-time room-sized super computer. See? It's all relative.

So don't focus so much on the "tiny" part of this Lenovo M700 Tiny Desktop. Focus on everything else. What it can do, what it WILL do, where you can put it and the fun you're gonna have once you get it fired up and fully activated. Because in a world where they're starting to put phones into watches, what does tiny even MEAN? Yeah. Think about it.