Lenovo ThinkPad 12.5" Core i7 Tablet PC

by wootbot

The End of 2012. The End of It All? *dramatic BUM BUM BUM*

The only laptop/tablet you'll need for Ragnarok ... assuming you even need a laptop/tablet for Ragnarok, I guess.

We thought we were safe. We thought the Mayans were wrong. But today, on the final day of 2012, we found out the hard way that we’d celebrated a little too early. Due to a Leap Year-related miscalculation, turns out the Mayans actually predicted that the world would end, well, today.

But I’m ok. I was able to escape the ruins of my crumbling city with little more than my Lenovo ThinkPad 12.5" Core i7 Tablet PC. As I retreated into the mountains under an ashy gray sky, surely indicative of some horrible volcano or alien space laser or something, I lit my way with the Lenovo’s LED-backlit anti-glare touchscreen; the power saving, longer lasting battery made this basically a zero-cost investment. Before too long, I found a cave to hide in.

Knowing that doom was, essentially, inevitable, I decided to spend my last moments as I’d spent most of the moments before that. I peeked into my 320 GB hard drive and relived a few of my favorite movies, listened to a few of my favorite songs, and generally just messed around. A few hours passed before I noticed that, despite the cave and the fall of civilization as we know it, my 802.11b/g/n wireless connection had hooked me up to the internet.

I sped off to Twitter, hoping to see the last thoughts of my nearest and dearest, or at least discover the cause of the darkened, apocalyptic skies … but mostly people were just posting about their New Year’s Resolutions, or their plans for the evening. Puzzled by this, I checked news sites: nothing. On any of them. Well, one of them did have a weather crawl, which helpfully reminded me that I live in Seattle, and sometimes the skies are gray here even if it isn’t Ragnarok or the Rapture or the End of Days.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2013: Maybe think things through a little bit more before I go huddle in a dank, bug-ridden cave for nine hours.