Leupold Acadia BX-2 12x50mm Binoculars

by wootbot

Take A View-cation

See all the famous Big Apple sights without leaving your hotel room!

Sure, you can pay for an expensive hotel room and then shell out more and more cash for cab fares and subway tokens and rickshaw rides and moving-sidewalk tickets. Or you can sightsee and save the Leupold Acadia way: book the highest hotel room you can afford and take in the city through 12x, 50mm Leupold Acadia binoculars.

See the bustle of Times Square without toddling behind the herds of tourists fanned out across the sidewalk. Take in the beauty of Central Park without the maddening clop-clop and nauseating stench of the horse carriages. Meet Pale Male at his level, without throwing elbows at any bird geeks. (OK, we'll actually miss that part.)

Yes, the crisp, clear images of the Leupold Acadian binoculars bring the whirl of the city right into your hotel room. And you'll miss out on the defining New York tourist experience: trying to find a public toilet in Manhattan.