LG 47"/55" LED 3D & Home Theater Bundle

by wootbot

Meal Deal

We're trying to make home theater shopping as easy as buying fast food.

"Hi, can I take your order?"

Yeah, I'll have a 47" LD 1080p 3D TruMotion LED TV.

"Would you like a side with that?"

A side?

"If you're ordering the 47" LD 1080p 3D TruMotion LED TV, it comes with a side of 280W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player with Built-in Wi-Fi."

Wow. Really? Sure, I'll take that.

"Alright. Would you like to giganto-size that?"

Giganto-size it?

"If you would like, you can increase your TV to 55" for only $230 extra."

Oh, that's a pretty good deal.

"Yes, it's our meal deal."

Meal deal? I thought I was ordering a home theater system.

"You are. We just call them meals here. It's our way of differentiating between when someone only orders a TV or a Blu-ray player and when they order it all together."

Oh, then it's not an actual meal.

"No, just a meal deal."

Well, then yeah, sure, I'll giganto-size it.

"Okay. Your total comes to $879.99. Would you like ketchup with that?"