Linksys Wireless-G 4 Port Broadband Router with SpeedBooster

by Wootbot

That won’t help; I have many more.

“Still, it felt good.”

Enjoy your good feelings while you can. There may not be many more of them. I’ve just received word: there’s been a battle. Your ship is burning in space. The invasion of your colony has been successful.

”...don’t believe…”

There’s no need for any further information from you. Our troops were successful in spite of your refusal to help me. You might have saved yourself a great deal of torment by yielding at the beginning.

“I want…to see…a neutral representative.”

There is no such person.

The word will be that you perished with your crew. No one will ever know that you are here with us, as you will be for a long…LONG time.

You do, however, have a choice. You can live out your life in misery, held here, subject to my whims. Or you can live in comfort with good food and warm clothing. Women as you desire them. Allowed to pursue your studies of philosophy and history. I would enjoy debating you; you have a keen mind.

It’s up to you. A life of ease and reflection and intellectual challenge…or this.

“What must I do?”

Nothing really. Tell me how many ports you see on this Linksys 802.11g 4-Port Router. It can serve as a wireless access point; it complies with 802.11g and 802.11b standards. It can increase wireless performance by up to 35% and has two internal antennas, but how many ports?

How many? How many ports? This is your last chance. The guards are coming. Don’t be a stubborn fool. How many?

“You told me he would be ready to go.”

We had some…unfinished…business.

“Get him cleaned up! A ship is waiting to take him back to his ship. Captain: if you’ll go with the guards, they’ll take care of you.”


Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty


Warranty: 90 Day Linksys

Condition: Refurbished


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