Little Giant AltaOne 17 Ladder

by wootbot

On The Campaign Trail

I hate election season! It's like, all of a sudden, everyone has a platform! 

I'm just so tired of all the political rhetoric being thrown around these days. It's all big, vague promises.

Take this Little Giant, for example. It can't just tell us that it has hinge locks and telescoping sides. It can't just say, "Hey, I'm the lightest 17-foot multi-use ladder on the market." Never will you hear it state, plainly, that it's rated to hold up to 250 pounds on both sides.

No, instead we hear that the the Little Giant wants to "take the steps, not forward but UP, to a new level of prosperity for our great country!" Or that, "economic stability is never out of reach! We simply need someone to give us a lift!" Or from the Little Giant's opponents: "The Little Giant has been tall for so long that he's forgotten what it feels like down here on the ground, among average, hard-working Americans."

I'm so sick of it all! That's why I'm taking an extended nap for a bit. Please, someone wake me up after November.