Lubix Stereo Bluetooth Headset

by Wootbot

First Bluetooth, Then The Grave

Through the ages, mankind has sought answers to the eternal questions about the purpose of the universe and our role in it. Looks like we’ll have to settle for these Bluetooth headphones instead.

While the omnipotent intelligence that brought existence into being remains silent, we’ll be filling our ears with music and phone calls with the Lubix NC1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset. And we’ll be doing it with help from our iPhones, which now support stereo Bluetooth audio thanks to iPhone OS 3.0. Or maybe you prefer to listen to your iPhone or iPod on speakers. Either way, you’ll still be decomposing and forgotten in a cold grave before the next tick-tock of the cosmic clock.

The Lubix NC1 provides a convenient, wireless way to drown out our nagging suspicions that we’re merely cosmic dust motes adrift in an indifferent void. Lightweight, smushy earpieces won’t add to our crushing burden of existential despair. A choice of three colors briefly fools us into believing we are agents of our own destiny – the joke is on us when we discover that the headset is ugly in all three. And with multiple pairing support, we can listen to music on one device while taking calls on our phone. You know, in case somebody calls to give our petty and transient lives some sort of meaning.

We may have no control over our fate. But we do have control over our phone calls and music, right there on the earphones. Best of all, four 3D sound spatialization modes bring depth and definition to our digital music. If only they could do the same for our short, tragic lives.

Warranty: 1 Year Lubix


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