Magellan Car Kit with GPS for iPhone

by wootbot

'93 Degrees of Hella Radness!

Remember that time you got lost and couldn't find the stadium and missed the entire first half of the Public Enemy concert? THAT'S why you need a GPS! And possibly some form of media that will still report on Public Enemy. They're making new records, you know, it's not like they just vanished.

1993. The first true web browser, Mosaic, debuts. Boris Yeltsin drowns the last gasp of Soviet communism in cheap vodka. The pop charts are ruled by... uh, the soundtrack of The Bodyguard? OK, '93 wasn't all great. But we're celebrating it anyway, in this Woot-Off, on our blog and forums, and on our Facebook page. HOTT '93: it's all that and a bag of stale chips!