March Angriness: Pop Culture, Round 1

by Sean Adams


March Angriness rages on, with the competitors in the Technology/Internet, Politics, and Etiquette regions already duking it out! Today, we open up round 1 voting for the fourth and final region: Pop Culture! So, what is it about movies, music, and celebrities that really gets under your skin?

Before you vote, just a few quick things to keep in mind:

  • Remember, you don't want to vote for your favorite option; you want to vote for whatever makes you angrier.
  • You might have to scroll within the window to get to the bottom (sorry!).

Happy choosing!

UPDATE: THE RESULTS ARE IN! You can check out a summary of them in clunky-PDF form here!

Photo by flickr user, gavinj1984 used under a Creative Commons License.