Mediocre 6 Piece Luggage Set

by Wootbot

Paris! Tahiti! Rio de Janeiro! These are some of the exciting destinations Americans aren’t visiting anymore, because we’re all broke. Forget jet-setting to exotic locales around the globe – nowadays, we’re lucky if we can keep the tank full all the way to the nearest Six Flags. With a sigh of resignation, Americans across America are throwing up their hands and seeking out the delights to be found closer to home, from Pascagoula to Parsippany. And then we’re mostly staying in our motel rooms. At least they have cable.

What better accessories for a mediocre vacation than this 6-piece set of mediocre luggage? Not only will this tote, garment bag, toiletry kit, and three upright suitcases provide perfectly adequate storage ‘n’ portage, you also won’t really have to worry that one of your fellow Greyhound passengers will steal them.

When you’re trudging to some nondescript state park, or some quaint little town with a bunch of antique shops and nothing else, top-grade luggage would only remind you of the sights you could be seeing if the economy wasn’t comatose. You’ll have a lot more fun if you just let go and accept your severely downgraded travel plans. Well, maybe “fun” is too strong a word. But you get our point. Don’t just act out a dismal parody of a vacation – live it for real with this Beverly Hills Polo Club luggage set.

Whoa, look! That Applebee’s has a totally different color scheme than the Applebee’s back home!

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • 6 piece luggage set comes with 21”, 24”, and 27” upright suit case with tote, garment bag, and toiletry kit
  • Lightweight aerospace technology
  • High denier polyester fabric
  • Recessed inline skate wheels
  • Quick access zipper pockets
  • Push-button locking handle system
  • Industrial grade branded
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club hardware

In the box:

  • 21” Upright
  • 24” Upright
  • 27” Expandable Upright
  • 15” Tote
  • Garment Bag
  • Toiletry Kit