Meet The World's Tallest Michael Jackson Impersonator

by Jason Toon

Today I'm proud to break the next Internet star right here on the Woot blog, and even prouder that he's from my old neighborhood in St. Louis.

I knew this guy as the security guard at our local supermarket - as you'll soon see, he's got the kind of look you notice. All the while, a whole different group of St. Louisans knew him as a karaoke star. This video features almost no singing, but once you get a load of him in action, you'll understand his burgeoning fame. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for John G.

"Beyond the limits of imaginability" indeed! John G's towering presence may remind you of Lurch, but there's no lurching in his slick MJ moves. If I were a Hollywood producer, I'd figure out a way - any way - to get this guy dancing in my next picture. Welcome to the big time, John G! Don't forget the little people at the Loughborough Schnuck's!

(Thanks for the link, Andy S.!)