Mens 5-Pack Short Sleeve Polo

by wootbot

It's the perfect shirt! Almost too perfect... *narrows eyes*

Polo shirts strike the perfect balance between casual and formal. They won't look too out of place at a fancy yacht club event, but they won't exactly make you stand out while you're waiting in line at the McDonald's either.

When you think about it, it's almost seems like polo shirts are a little too perfect. If you're not careful, soon you'll find yourself wearing polo shirts to everything! You'll wear polo shirts in the shower and while you're sleeping in bed. You'll wear polo shirts while you eat polo-shirty-snacks and watch polo shirt themed tv shows where all the characters are polo shirts who also wear polo shirts. And the only thing you'll even say anymore is "Polo Shirt" but with different inflections the same way Pikachu only says his own name.

So please, enjoy these versatile and stylish polo shirts. But please, try not to enjoy them too much.