Micro Intelli RC UFO

by Wootbot

The Truth Is Out There

The day the aliens came, the whole world looked up as one. But a year later, it had really just gotten kind of annoying.

That first day, sure, we were all excited and afraid and full of emotions. After all, there were alien spaceships! Real spaceships, over every major city! They hovered there, like a Micro Intelli RC UFO, and it was terrifying for us, but also breathtaking, and every single human waited for what our guests were going to say. We knew our would was going to change forever.

And then, nothing happened. For, like, a long time.

After about three weeks, it was really getting annoying. They were just sitting there! In our sky! Our sky! Hovering quietly like a Micro Intelli RC UFO! Of course, the Micro Intelli RC UFO has blinking LEDs that can be turned on and off, so it looked nothing like those sleek alien spacecraft, but the Micro Intelli RC UFO also has about ten minutes of flight time on a half hour charge. And that makes it fun, because you never get sick of it just hanging there, since it has to land sometimes. But these aliens? They just kept on hangin’ out, hovering like it was no big deal. And always in the spots where people wanted to get some sun, too! The beach industry was ruined!

Anyway, nine months later, everyone was sick of those dumb ol’ ships. It wasn’t scary now, and it sure wasn’t cute. It was just plain irritating. Even the Star Trek: Voyager fans had stopped caring, and those people watched anything about aliens. Talk radio kept on about how the big space liberals had to go back home, and how our future was being betrayed, and how we should just attack them and chase them away. Late night comedians had sketch after sketch about aliens and how stupid they were and how nice it used to be. The government even tried to send up a bunch of Micro Intelli RC UFOs, you know, to spell out GO AWAY JERKFACES so the aliens could maybe see it, but we forgot that the Micro Intelli RC UFOs only go up about thirty feet so that one ended badly. But we still had fun, so it wasn’t a waste of a day.

Anyway, it was a full year later that all the televisions and radios and computer screens froze up, and the voice of the alien leader appeared. “People of Earth!” he said in deep metal-sounding tones. “Sorry for the trouble! We perceive time different from you primitive three dimensional beings, so we didn’t notice all the fuss! We were just needing to get back onto the space-warp freeway because we missed our turn, and decided to turn around in your driveway! Please, don’t let us spoil your holiday season! Enjoy!” And then, in an instant, they were gone, leaving us with only our Micro Intelli RC UFO and our wide-eyed amazement.

And now, like a child without a driver’s license, we know there’s a magical world out there in the cosmos, just waiting for us to grow up and join it. Maybe one day, it won’t just be the Micro Intelli RC UFOs we’re flying. Maybe one day, we’ll be the ones turning around in some primitive’s driveway. But right now, we can only dream. We can only dream.

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Great for indoor and outdoor (at night) flying fun
  • No skill needed, control the UFO to hover up or down
  • Can fly up to about 30 feet in the air on a full charge
  • Red, Yellow, Green and Blue blinking LEDs can be turned on or off
  • Twin prop with balancing poles provides steady flight
  • For kids 6 and up
  • About 30 minutes of charge time provides 10 minutes of flight time
  • UFO powered by high capacity li-poly rechargeable battery
  • Charger requires 8 “AA” batteries(Not included)
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2” Tall x 5” Wide

Additional Photos:

In the box:

  • Intelli UFO (Random Color)
  • Transmitter
  • Charger
  • 3 PCS AGB batteries (already installed on transmitter)