Mirage OMD-28 Floorstanding Speaker

by wootbot

It's REAL!

The Mirage OMD-28 Floorstanding Speaker Value Prop. See below for details.

  • These speakers live on rocks in the Falklands. When planes fly overhead, they look up and fall over backwards.
  • These speakers are London's most treasured landmark.
  • These speakers are a better defensive lineup than that of the Jets.
  • The OMD stands for One Massive Dirigible.
  • They make a fine slalom for dachshunds.
  • They have "OMNIPOLAR" technology, which probably means you can take them to the Himalayas.
  • They're not really intrusive, and will not put your jigsaw puzzle in the oven like your little sister did that one time.
  • They absorb negative energy and turn it into sweet dance music.