Monkey Games 2012: The Beginning Of The End

by Scott Lydon

Okay, okay, okay, we know. Due to reasons beyond our control, the results have been delayed by the judges. We can only assume they're holding out for better seats at the 2013 Monkey Games. Anyway, our public can wait no longer… so we'll let you decide for yourselves! After the jump, you'll be enjoying some fine, fine Monkey Games footage. Praise the heroes, condemn the goats, and make your own assumptions about who the final winner will be! We'll have the final results along with the winner of the torch contest as soon as we humanly can. See you inside?

As you can see, the teams fought hard to achieve and excel. Games that were easy to understand turned out to be much, much harder to play. Even if you could roll your chair at the speed of light, could you do it without spilling water?

The Woot lobby as always been an exciting place for the creme de la creme to gather. It was a natural choice for an afternoon of target shooting. The Nerf darts weren't easy to master but all participants did pretty doggone well. Next year: Nerf skeet?

Of course, it can't just be about physical prowess. The Team Pictionary event rewarded intelligence and communication skills. A true group connection is almost like telepathy, after all, and a well-oiled machine is always the most efficient. Or at least, that's what we told our boss when we wanted to take a long lunch so we could go practice.

Naturally, a lot of business deals are settled on the golf course. It's just a fact of life. Our putting challenge was a chance to let those golfers show off just how well they could handle the links. Never mind that the links were carpet and cardboard.

Who would have thought that all our time in detention would have paid off? The tiny football shooting challenge was a chance for those high school goof-offs to score big points for their team. And it was pretty fun to watch, too.

And last but not least, the Team Jumping made for a completely ridiculous final day of the 2012 Monkey Games. Look close, you'll see our HR Rep jumping alongside everyone else. See? That's how you KNOW we kept it fair!

Ultimately, what's important is that everyone had fun, and came together as a company. But yes, the scores are coming… and soon! We promise! Watch for the 2012 Monkey Games closing ceremonies just as soon as we finish sewing together an inflatable Voldemort and choreographing our steampunk dance routine. It won't be long now.