Motorola Bluetooth Headphones

by wootbot

Derrick Kept Walking

Hear only the things you want to hear.

Derrick had his Motorola Bluetooth Headphones in, so instead of hearing Karen whisper, "I love you, Derrick," as he waled by, he heard the guitar solo of his favorite song, "Warp Speed," by his favorite band, The Telekinetic Monks.

The rich, high definition audio also drowned out Todd, Karen's boyfriend, saying, "What did you just say?" And Karen saying, "Todd, I didn't know you were right there." And Todd saying, "Well, I am. Now, why don't you explain yourself before me and all my friends from the lacrosse team go spray paint obscene words and phrases on your new boyfriend Derrick's car!"

The only voice Derrick heard was the one streaming from his mp3 player to his Motorola Bluetooth Headphones: the voice of Telekinetic Monks frontman John Ranton, as he crooned, "Don't give me no cookies/ don't give me no bird seed/ because I only feed/ on the rush of warp speed." He didn't hear Karen say, "Leave Derrick alone, Todd! He's a great guy." And he certainly didn't hear Todd's voice crack as, with tears in his eyes, he shouted, "Oh, and I'm not? Everything I do, I do because I love you, Kare-bear!"

Karen saying, "Oh, Todd! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'll never leave you! I was tempted, that was all!" Todd sniffling and saying, "I'm sorry too! We all get tempted sometimes!" And Karen saying, "Oh, Todd!" And Todd saying, "My little Kare-Bear!" - none of this made it to Derrick's ears.

In fact, it was only as the final cord of the song faded that he even noticed the two of them were there. And when he pressed the perfectly placed pause button, lowered his headphones, and asked, "What's up?" Todd and Karen replied in unison, "Oh, nothing."

So, Derrick kept walking.