Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash System

by Wootbot

You Gotta Start Small

Want to take control of your problem? Get a cleaner. The Mr. Clean Car Wash System will make you more feared than loved. And that’s power.

Well, well. A new face. Welcome to the neighborhood, my friend! Say, that’s a fine vehicle you’ve got. Very fine. A guy with a vehicle like that, he must have a lot of money. All that dust all over the place must’ve caught a pretty penny.

Oh, excuse me, did I fail to introduce myself? I’m the guy who runs things around here. I make sure that nobody gets hurt. Nothing gets messed up. Like, say, your car. It’d be a shame if this dusty car got cleaned, wouldn’t it?

What, are you stupid or something? Take a look at this Mr. Clean Car Wash System. Yeah, that’s right. A Motor Trend approved spot-free system to make any car spotless. Applied right to your car, it takes away all that grime and grit you’ve been building up over the years. Or you can do the smart thing and pay me a little off the top. Not too much, you know, not for what you get.

Nothing to say, huh? Smirking? Well, maybe you need to know a little more. Because if you don’t pay up, here’s what’s gonna happen. First, you’ll get a little AutoDry soap, cleaning your car with no film or residue. Then you’re getting the AutoDry filter, with water free of impurities that’ll clean off all that leftover grime. You’ll have nothing but a smooth clean body. Not even a bit of dust or spotting. Yeah. Think you’re gonna be smiling then?

Oh, I get it. You don’t think I’ll do it. Well, get ready, neighbor. Because I’m not scared to use this Mr. Clean Car Wash System with the independent spray nozzles. You just watch, buddy boy. You watch what I’m about to do to your hard earned dust. And then you’ll be begging to pay. Keep laughing, happy boy, keep it up! Man, I’m gonna enjoy this!

Warranty: 1 Year Proctor and Gamble


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