Music Monday: 16

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 16 is often loved by musicians because it's that tipping point of life. You're still young enough to be eager and excited but you're old enough to be kinda starting your life. You've got your own money, job and vehicle (sometimes) but you usually don't have to pay rent, keep up with bills or consider the future. Is it any wonder that THIS is the music industry's prime target? Today Scott's celebrating the 16th with five songs about the number 16.

Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen


Yeah, Chuck's not the person you'd want taking your sixteen year old girl on a date, but the man can, did, and will continue to rock. This song right here is one of the primary reasons the number 16 continues to hang out in rock 'n roll.

More 16s to come. See you after the jump!

Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen


See what I mean? Billy Idol draws on the same mix of nostalgia and danger that Chuck Berry was calling up. It's a very different song, but it's not too different in tone. And it works for the kid just learning what it means to be 16 and the older person looking back at just how good they had it. That's like the emotion lottery, that is.

Sebadoh - Sixteen


That's not to say being 16 is always simple and easy. It's hard to be making that transition for sure. You're expected to do more and you might not have mastered the old stuff yet! Rebellion isn't just a hormone thing. It's sometimes discovering that a new way really is needed.

The Replacements - Sixteen Blue


"Your age is the hardest age," indeed. Which is probably why 16 is when people start noticing music for real. Go on, think back. Even the worst crap from that year can still make you smile, even as you shake your head at how dumb you were. And we all do that, and it's okay, because...

Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen


…the sins of youth aren't really sins. They're just part of being sixteen.

We left out a few important songs about the number 16. So jump on 'em! And let us also just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.