Music Monday: Bowie, One Year On

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Roughly one year ago today, the wonderful David Bowie passed away. Today Scott's recapping with some tributes that happened across the world as we all came to terms with the loss.

The Brit Awards


If you could only pick one tribute, this would be it. Featuring Bowie's friends, Bowie's touring band, and an up-and-coming artist the man himself called the future of British music, it was as close to a funeral as a Bowie fan could want. And how moving to just let the vocals be so loud in their absence.

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Bruce Springsteen


The Boss was just some guy who had to take a bus to the studio when Bowie got into his sound. Now, of course, Springsteen is a global megastar. And, like all the rest of the world, he mourned too. It's just that when you mourn on stage, you gotta make it rock.

Elton John


Sir Elton does a lot of singing so it's easy to forget he's really an incredible piano player. Here he takes "Space Oddity" and pays tribute to a song that he, well, swiped the hell out of at the start of his career. But let's be honest here, when it comes to swiping, the one person who had totally had it coming was Bowie.

Donny McCaslin


You might be saying "Who?" and "Why does this guy matter?" Then you'll listen. Donny McCaslin and his band handled all the non-Bowie instruments on Blackstar. Additionally, they're touring around America right now on what might be the closest thing to a Blackstar tour we're ever gonna get. Even without Bowie, this song carries all the weight it should. It's theirs now, because they were holding it when it was born.

The Gift feat. Brian Eno


The greatest tribute to David Bowie is what other people made from him. You can't not feel a little Bowie in this video from The Gift and Eno. But there's one more polite goodbye at about 2:53. No big fuss, just a quiet nod. Just the way the man himself did to us as he left.

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