Music Monday: Pop Instrumentals

by Scott Lydon

Lyrics can be profound, but they can also be ridiculous. A good beat with terrible poetry leaves everyone feeling cheated. That's why, every now and then, an artist or band just has to let the music do the talking. Today Scott's taking note of the that with his little list of instrumentals. Have you guessed the first one yet?

The Allman Brothers - Jessica




Yes, it's the theme to Top Gear, but it's also Dickie Betts's tribute to his then-baby daughter. The love really pours out of every note, and maybe that's why this instrumental became a Southern Rock classic the very day it was released. Is it possible to hate this song? I think not.

After the jump you'll find four other music-only hits from the past. When you're done reading, why not throw down a choice of your own in the comments? We'll see you inside…

Glenn Miller - In The Mood




If you're thinking early pop hits this probably comes to mind, even if you've only ever heard a silly cover. Of interest is that In The Mood was the smash seller of 1940, but back then the music industry still thought sheet music was the way to go. Naturally all those swingin' cats at the dancehall didn't care about buying sheet music, so In the Mood was never officially considered a chart topper. Way to keep it real, RIAA! Missin' the point for over seventy years straight!

The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein




How many instrumentals allow everyone in the car to sing along? Bah bah bah baah, bah bahbah baaaah! Not only that, how many other rock albinos can you think of? Not only THAT, but did you know this song marks one of the very first times a keyboard became a mobile instrument? And even if we overlook every word above… it's still pretty rockin'.

Meco - The Theme From "Star Wars"




No, go on, laugh. Meco deserves your scorn. This was even cheesy for a little kid in the 70s. But like all things Star Wars, it did really well, and it's a fine example of the disco instrumental at its… can you really call this best? Just like A Fifth Of Beethoven, it leaves you understanding where all the anger in punk music came from. It's very of its time.

Darude - Sandstorm




By 1999 things had changed, and "hit" didn't really mean what it had previously. However this instrumental is still played at sporting events and even if you don't know it's name, you probably know it when you hear it. What better definition of a hit could there be? For a bunch of beeps and growls, it sure is catchy.

You've got a favorite instrumental pop hit, we know you do. Why not post it in the comments below? And after that, stop by our room to spin the morning away with your fellow wooters. Additionally, images taken from the corresponding Wikipedia pages are here under fair use.