My God, It's Full Of Booger Sugar: 15 Signs That NASA Had A Cocaine Problem

by Team Chuckle!

"A small amount of cocaine was found in a restricted area of the processing hangar for the shuttle Discovery, NASA said in a statement... the cocaine was found this week in a small bag on the floor near a bathroom in the restricted area." -, "NASA finds cocaine in shuttle hangar", 1/15/2010

  1. Suspicious number of recent Space Shuttle flights to Bolivia.
  2. Mission Control keeps going to the toilet as a group.
  3. Where do you think the nickname "Buzz" came from?
  4. Space station radio transcripts include two straight hours of chatter about how beautiful everybody is, followed by three hours about how the Space Shuttle could totally kick Jupiter's ass.
  5. Mars Rover solar panel covered with white smears and razor marks.
  6. Planned lunar lander to be named after Fleetwood Mac's dealer.
  7. CIA now much more involved in funding of NASA missions.
  8. Last launch countdown: "10... 9... 8.. 7.. 6. 5. 4 3 21BLASTOFFOHMYGODTHATLOOKSSOAMAZING"
  9. Astronauts keep ducking into the Space Station "real quick," staying for 3 days.
  10. Constant giggling while bouncing around the "moon landing" movie set.
  11. We should have known those tiny spoons weren't for freeze-dried ice cream.
  12. You ever see how clean the inside of that Space Station is?
  13. Crew members radioed Mission Control about being "40,000 miles high" before shuttle had actually launched.
  14. Why else would you drive straight through from Texas to Florida wearing diapers?
  15. C'mon. They're shooting MONKEYS INTO SPACE.

How about you? You notice anything a little... weird about NASA lately?