Netgear Wireless G USB Adapter

by wootbot

Wax On, Woot-Off

Yes, most laptops come with WiFi. But you know what? Stuff happens. And if you've got an old box you keep next to the stereo to stream your MP3s, maybe a nice USB Wireless G Network Adapter will bring that puppy back into the fold! Face it, we can't all afford to buy a cutting edge top-of-the-line computer to hide in the garage. But one of these adapters and a cheap workhorse? Hey, now you've got tunes as you change the oil!

We were giving our warehouse its spring cleaning, its vernal sprucification, its annual zhuzhing - and look at this crazy gunk we scraped off the shelves! This Woot-Off promises to be full of surprises! (And now that we've said that, a complete lack of surprises would, itself, count as a "surprise". Called it.)