Norwood Micro PCI TV Tuner Card & Remote

by Wootbot

You can work from home. You can shop online. You can blow off your friends and ignore your family. You can switch to an all-Chinese-delivery diet and strap on the "stadium buddy." Even so, there will still be a few frustrating occasions when you have no other option but to get up and walk away from your computer.

Here are just two, for example: JEOPARDY! and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

But what if there were a way to watch and record live television from your computer? You'd never have to leave the "home office!" Your couch potato days would be over--you'd be reborn, or at least transplanted, as a hydroponic Aeron spud! Wouldn't that be the most fantastical dream?

Well, pinch yourself, pumpkin; your dream's come true. And this is the very best kind of dream, too--the kind where we sell you the Norwood Micro PCI TV Tuner Pro Card with Wireless Remote.

Say you're in the middle of a heated forum debate about--oh, whatever it is you people argue about. You post an ingenious little bit of polemic, and from the timestamp you see it's time for GILMORE GIRLS! Don't get up--the Micro lets you watch, pause, record and rewind live TV programs right from your computer. It supports MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG4 and AVI formats, and with its remote boot function, you can turn on your PC using the included wireless remote control.

A word of warning to the geek-impaired: this PCI card installs inside your computer's case; it's not a just matter of plugging something into your USB port. If that intimidates you, maybe this isn't the product you want. But you know what? There was a time, not so long ago, where anyone who was intimidated by tinkering under the hood of his PC would get LOLOLed right off our message boards. Not by us, of course - by our technically-savvy-yet-socially-impaired core customers.

They could be pretty cruel back in those days.

Warranty: 90 days



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