Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

by Wootbot

I need romance, stat!

You’re going to love talking to people on this Ooma Telo. If they don’t love talking back, that’s too bad!

Hello, 911? Hey! It’s me, Chris! I just set up my new Ooma Telo – only took fifteen minutes! – and it says that when I call 911, you guys’ll get my registered address. Just wanted to make sure it’s working. 509 4th Ave, Galesburg, Illinois – is that what you got on your end? Cool, well then, no emergency here, except having this whole bottle of wine all to myself, hint hint…

No wait, please don’t hang up! Why? Well, umm, because… I want to check the rest of these features. Yes, it is an emergency! Kind of! Or a preemptive strike on possible emergencies! Think about it: what if I set this up wrong and I call someone with anger problems and there’s an issue with the call that makes them want to kill me? Do you want that blood on your hands? Please, just walk through this with me!

Okay, cool! Let’s start by testing the voice quality. I’ll say a series of things and you say “yes” if you’d describe the sound as crisp and clear. Alright, testing, here we go: “Would you like to enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner with me?” Yes? Well, come on over! Oh… right, it was crisp and clear… sorry, got a little excited there.

Now let’s test the handset which should provide the same superb quality, security, and range without interfering with my WiFi. I’m going to walk through my house, and you can tell me if I’m still clear, alright? Okay, I’m in the living room with my surprisingly large DVD collection of romantic comedies – can you hear me? What about now, in the garage with my convertible? Now, in the bedroom with the lights dimmed and rose petals all over the bed? All clear?

Well, next is in-network calling. Why don’t you just go ahead and give me the number for your Ooma, and I’ll call you when your shift ends. Oh, you don’t have an Ooma? That’s no problem; pretty much all U.S. calls are free for me aside from a few taxes and fees. So you can go ahead and give me that number anyway.

No? Fine, if you don’t want to help, I’ll move on to the next feature without you: testing the low cost international calling! Good-bye and thanks for nothing, 911!


Bonjour, 122? Eh! C’est moi, Chris!

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