Optoma 2800Lm 1080p Full 3D Home Theater Projector

by wootbot

Don't Give In, Quentin

At this point, the movie theater's probably just using one of these anyway.

Cinema? C'mon. How many of us are really watching cinema these days? Why, the highest grossing movie of all time is secretly just a cartoon! It's made from super-impressive technology, sure, but still just a cartoon. And on top of that, how often have you rushed over to the ol' arthouse to view those classics of Iranian cinema of yore?

Accept it, cineophile: you're not the snob you pretend to be. So bite the bullet and get an Optoma HD Home Theater Projector to screen your movies, video games, and general TV shows. Not because you're doing your dissertation on the possible overlapping conceptual themes between Goddard's Contempt and Cluzot's incomplete masterpiece L'Enfer. Because you want to see Doctor Who blow up angel statues in 1080p! Woo, yeah, that's the stuff!

Hey, do you think maybe one of those angel statues is secretly in love with The Doctor but too scared to tell him? Maybe that'll be my new head canon. "Death Of The Artist" says my ideas are just as valid as yours, right? HOORAY FOR ART!