Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 4000 Twin Pack

by wootbot


These great toothbrushes deserve a great ad campaign.

A lot of toothbrush ads only show one side of the story. You see a toothbrush cleaning up a dirty mouth. But how did the mouth get that way? How does the toothbrush feel about its job? Toothbrush ads have never answered these questions… UNTIL NOW! Or, until soon. I'm still working on the copy, but you can be sure of the following: 

  • My toothbrush ad will be a bit longer than a standard ad. Right now, it's looking like it will clock in at around 5ish hours.
  • The narrative will focus equally on the Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep - a maverick toothbrush who has a hard time "playing the game" in the bureaucratic red-tape ridden world of dental hygiene - and the "germs" and "bacteria" that live the mouth.
  • The Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep, despite having its heart in the right place, will live a deeply troubled personal life. Alcoholism, violence, commitment issues - these are the personal demons that the Oral-B fights on a daily basis.
  • There will be a scene where an older mouth germ explains the world they live in to two young mouth germs using a game of chess.The second hour of the commercial will shift dramatically and focus on a whole different set of issues. It will seems strange and out of place but years after the commercial is released, all the diehards will say that the second hour is actually the best hour in order to seem cool to their friends
  • The message of my toothbrush ad will be that you can brush and brush but the problems will persist and there's no way to clean your mouth up for good, but it's still a healthy thing to do, and it'll make your breath smell nice, so why not, right?
Oral-B, if you're reading this, reach out! This could be the commercial of a lifetime!