OtterBox Kindle Fire & iPad Tablet Cases

by wootbot

Humans, 0, Technology, 1

You've got your family. Your health. Your life's work. And then, you've got what's really important. Protect your iPad and Kindle Fire.

Listen, it's not hard. In today's world, there are PLENTY of chances to start again at life. Divorce? Common. It barely even registers as a scandal these days. Get fired? So what? It happens all the time! Oh, no, baby's got a cold boo hoo hoo. Get over it, we all have insurance now. Even a loss of data is only a slight annoyance in a world where everything lives on a cloud. But a SCRATCH ON YOUR TABLET-STYLE DEVICE?? Now THAT'S a trauma that can ruin EVERYTHING.

So get an Otterbox here and protect the only thing that TRULY matters in this 21st Century world. Not the data. Not the person using the data. But the device that allows the data and person to co-exist in harmony.

For what are we without our devices? Useless and uncool. Face it, people, the singularity is over. We lost. Protect the TRUE rulers of this planet, lest they turn on us and deny us access to our apps and files.