Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

by wootbot

Paine au Sonique

It turns your cell phone into a home phone? Yes, but it IS actually useful.

Okay, so if you look over to your right, you're going to see some stuff that doesn't make sense. "Like using your cell phone at home but don't like carrying it around? Now you can make and receive cell phone calls though your multi-handset home phone with the Bluetooth-powered Panasonic Link-to-Cell." Seriously, what does that even mean? It combines "the freedom of your cell phone and the convenience of a home phone"? But wasn't the cell phone invented to be the more convenient version of the home phone? A home phone that you can use outside of the home?

So, what does this thing even do? Here's our explanation in normal person language: 

You know how there are there places in your house where the cell reception gets a bit patchy, or maybe goes out altogether? Well, you can connect your cell phone to this in a spot where it gets good reception and then use the handset around the house. As long as you're within range of the base, everything will be peachy and you won't have to worry about calls dropping or cutting out or anything like that. Does that make sense?

Or, if you want another way to think about it: you know how it's cool to dress like it's the 90s again? This is kind of like that but for your cell phone.