Panasonic Link2Cell 5-Handset Phone System

by wootbot


I don't want to wait in vain next to two phones 

Those of us who sit by our phones waiting for the love of our life to call us back have, until now, been faced with a conundrum: Should we wait in vain by our cell phone or our land line? Which method of telephonic communication should we sob silently next to, fruitlessly wishing for it to ring, for it to be the one on the other end, and for everything to be good again? 

The Panasonic Link2Cell phone system solves the problem by connecting your cell phone and land lines via Bluetooth, meaning that, in the unlikely-to-impossible chance that he or she forgives us and calls back, we won't miss it if we're wringing our hands by the wrong phone. 

The Link2Cell can't undo all the mistakes you made or promises you failed to keep, but it does reduce the number of devices you have to gnaw away at yourself next to. And it's got all kinds of features like SMS alerts, noise reduction, and DECT 6.0 Plus high-quality connection so you'll never have to worry about miscommunication. Anymore. 

Wait, what was that? Did somebody hear a phone ringing? Sharon? Is that you Sharon? I'm so sorry for everything and -- oh -- yes, I am unhappy with my current long distance plan.