Parrot Zik Bluetooth ANC Headphones

by wootbot

Technically Correct

Some parrots just repeat what they hear. Other parrots are well designed and full of technology.

Why do I have all these parrot eggs around me? Glad you asked! It's to promote the glorious Parrot Zik Headphones you see here today!

The Parrot Zik Headphones are designed to look good and work well. Or possibly work good, if that's your particular form of slang. We don't really care which you prefer, as long as you like quality sound, which the Parrot Zik plans to provide. Imagine being able to hear any music as though it were in a concert hall! Oh! Wow! The eggs are starting to hatch!

Anyway, the Parrot Zik Headphones are- Look! The little beaks are coming through! -designed to work with all Bluetooth compatible devices. They also pair with NFC-compatible devices, and work via the touch-sensitive cup on the right earcup. And the head detection sensor- Oh! The egg shells are breaking open! Look at the little feathers appearing! -means your headphones will know when you take them off, and automatically pause or restart as needed. Neat, right?

And that's exactly why we've prepared several parrot-sized headphones for all the little parrots that have just hatched. Welcome to the world, baby birds! Here are your headphones!

Today, you are truly chicks with Ziks.