Peak Performance Car-to-Car Battery Charger & Jumpstarter - 2 Pack

by Wootbot

And An Extra For The Gander

Waiting for a tow truck. It’s the worst.

But it’s doubly bad when all you need is a jump start. All alone in the parking lot, you’re subject to the leers of large scary men and the silent judgment of mall security. And when the tow truck comes, it’s invariably a different large, scary man, dressed in sleeveless red flannel and blasting Ready for the World while staring at you like he was at a pie eating contest and you were a slice of key lime.

That’s why having a Peak 12v Car-to-Car Charger in your car or cars is always a fine idea. With this two pack, there’s no hard to repack cables involved, and you don’t even have to open the hood. All you need is a cigarette lighter and a working car, and you’re using a safe, easy method to get that battery up and running. There’s even a power regulator for a shorter charging time.

If you’re hoping to score some crystal meth, that chilly parking lot is probably the place to be. But if you just want to get home and watch that Terrance Trent D’arby marathon, you’re wanting a Peak 12v Car-to-Car Charger two pack. Like they always say…

Warranty: 1 Year Peak



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