Philips 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable

by Wootbot

Yes, all HDMI cables are created equal.

Wait. Well, within reason.

Hey there; how are you? Woot here. Look, we’re gonna level with you. You’re our favorite customer. That’s right. YOU. That’s why we made this special page just for you. Literally no one else will see this. Wait, what are you doing?!

Okay, we made it pop up on the other screen because YOU were still looking at it, so no harm no foul. But don’t do that any- Hey!

Okay, we had to show that other person, but ONLY because you spilled the secret and we had to cover up any discrepancies. Now will you settle down and let us impart some knowledge on your skull? Here’s the deal with HDMI cables:

They’re ALL the same.

Literally. That $180 Monster Cable? No different than our Philips 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable. Because if a cable is made to HDMI specifications, it literally can’t have signal degradation. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you an overpriced cable. But not us. We’re hooking you up with same-as-everywhere-else-quality cables for a great price because we like you and we know you’re no sucker. So if you need 25 feet of four-times-greater-than-1080p-video-resolution-carrying cable to create a veritable digital cineplex in your living room, then THESE are the appropriately-priced cables for you!

But if you find them cheaper somewhere else, those are probably crappy cables with lots of signal degradation. Yeah. These are much higher quality than anything you might find at a lower price.

Trust us.


Warranty: 90 Day Philips

Condition: New


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