Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

by Wootbot

What? You Don’t Want To Watch Nature Shows?

Seriously, if you pretend they’re actually in-universe descriptions of the flora from Star Trek, they get really interesting.

But, okay. You don’t want to learn? That’s fine. Just don’t take it out on the Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV. Because the Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV handles MP3, JPEGs, DivX, MPEG2, XviD, and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC through a USB drive, which means if you don’t want to watch broadcast TV or cable, you don’t have to watch broadcast TV or cable. You can just plug in anything you want and let it play.

Wouldn’t you love a 1080p viewscreen at the front of your living room? Maybe use the remote to flip between the four HDMI inputs to go from empty space to a pre-designed map of the planet? Yeah, wouldn’t it be a rush to be standing there, beside your sofa, saying “Number One, what’s the oxygen quotient on Petunia-6?” And then, after a few minutes, you could switch back to the nature channel and pretend the aliens are uploading all their culture to you in an encrypted mono-beam burst from their secret satellite in orbit around the third moon-

-look, you’re not even giving the flower documentary a CHANCE! It’s really good, honest, and you’ll learn a lot!


Warranty: 90 Day P&F


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Photo inset credit: spisharam – AWAY