Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit

by Wootbot

The following is a test designed to determine your personality. Please answer honestly and give your first answer. No answer can be considered wrong. Please do not go back and change your answers after you have given them.

Question 1: When presented with a Philips Aurelle LED Deck Light Kit, what song do you think of?

a) “This Little Light Of Mine” by Harry Dixon Loes.
b) “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band.
c) “Candle In The Wind 1997” by Elton John.
d) “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest.

Question 2: If, at the time of purchase, you were able to choose between Blue or Cool White, which would you pick?

a) I would buy whichever one wasn’t selling quickly to help reduce stock.
b) I would be sad the bulbs aren’t shaped like naked people.
c) I would prefer the virginal radiant white of an angel gone too soon.
d) I would order both but with a slight delay between them, so that when the first box arrived, the postman could say “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”.

Question 3: What would you do with the ten LED lights?

a) I would place them around my deck or yard as directed by the self-instalation kit.
b) I would use them to light the stairs that lead to my heart shaped leopard print outdoor waterbed for five.
c) I would place them around my commemorative dinner plates and collectable porcelain figurines.
d) I would set them high above my Rob Halford action figure and pretend they were Electric Eyes.

Question 4: Why do you want a Philips Aurelle LED Deck Light Kit?

a) To help my favorite website continue being financially solvent for many years to come.
b) Because I saw that photo of the UPS Girl last woot-off and I’m hoping her sister works for SmartPost.
c) Aurelle is the secret name of the angel that watches over princesses in Heaven.
d) To assist me in Living After Midnight.

Give yourself four points for every a, three points for every b, two points for every c and a point for each d.

16 to 13 points: Well done! This Philips Aurelle LED Deck Light Kit is perfect for someone like you. Loyal to a fault, always looking to see how you can help, never taking a moment for yourself… just what every corporation wants! We’re glad you’re a fan, and remember, you might also enjoy the deal we have today on Sellout.woot!

12 to 9 points: We expect there’s an FBI file on you already, but we certainly don’t want to judge. In fact, based on your answers, there’s a good chance you might fit in with our staff! Have you considered applying?

8 to 5 points: You’re the kind of friend everyone hopes for. The kind that interprets “rich foreign stranger who has a bodyguard to keep people like me away” as “poor helpless orphan who needs my money and attention”. And why not, we say? Why better yourself when you could better another? Incidentally, did you know that this shirt features a piano, the very instrument that was on a radio somewhere at the moment of Lady Diana’s death?

4 points or below: You sat at the back of class and liked it. You can’t write in cursive, but you can draw the Van Halen logo with your eyes closed. You think 2wo had a lot of potential and you won’t ever stop partying. Hey, who cares about a stupid test anyway? Just buy the damn Philips Aurelle LED Deck Light Kit and get back in the pit!

Warranty: 90 Day Philips


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