Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless

by Wootbot

‘Morning, honey! Rise and shine! Wakey-wakey-time! It’s going to be a wonderful day!

I know you’ve got a long day today, so I packed you an extra oatmeal creme pie. Don’t trade it this time! I also made you some flash cards so you can do some last-minute review during the bus ride. Remember to speak up so everyone can hear you! You’ll do great, I know you will.

You’re staying in the city overnight tonight, don’t forget. Here’s thirty dollars. This is for a car ride to the hotel, OK? I don’t want you wasting it on video games. I mean it. If you don’t have to take a car, you should bring this back.

Now, for when you’re at the hotel, I put some comic books in your bag and set up your laptop to play your favorite shows. I used Pinnacle PCTV To Go, so they’ll all be in DVD-comparable quality. You’ll get Nancy Grace, COPS, and all this month’s new episodes of Christina’s Court. And you’ll be able to pause and rewind, in case you’re watching when I call. And I am going to call, so you should be in your room at a reasonable hour.

Now, you’ll be all set for stuff to watch, then, so I don’t want to see any special movie charges on the hotel bill, all right?

Oh, setting up this PCTV To Go was easy—I just connected it to our cable box. It works with a satellite dish, TiVo or other DVR systems, too! Oh—you’ll also be able to watch at the office, if you end up having to stay there late. Anywhere there’s an Internet connection. But don’t stay too late! You need your rest. You know how cranky you get if you’re up too late.

Good luck today, sweetie! Remember: There’s no cuter prosecutor! I tied your tie so you just have to slip it on and tighten it, all right? You’ll look so handsome! You’re going to do great! Don’t forget to smile during your closing. Who’s mommy’s specialest special prosecutor?

Warranty: One year Pinnacle


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