Polk N1 39" Bluetooth Gaming SurroundBar

by wootbot

54-40 Or Fight

The only single-speaker gaming audio system named after a U.S. President! Unless you count the TaftBox.

Why does this Polk N1 Soundbar carry the Polk name? Why, glad you asked! We've prepared a small list.

1. James Polk was Governor of Tennessee from 1839-1841. He led the movement to eliminate redundancies in government, changing the state's name to "Ten S E" which proved to be quite unpopular. His rival, Henry Clay of the Whig Party, coined the nickname "Old N1" and it stuck.

2. Polk was president during the Mexican-American war, which earned us the state of Texas! Texas is well known as a great state in which to find a bar.

3. Polk promised to only serve one term, and did. Historians regard this as a sound decision.

4. Polk was president when the Smithsonian first opened! That has nothing to do with the included remote controller, it's just a nice fact about Polk.

5. James Polk once fought a hurdy-gurdy player for playing an obscene song near his then-fiancee. James Polk won, and smashed the hurdy-gurdy into pieces. Be respectful. Do not play hurdy-gurdy songs on this soundbar.

6. Without James Polk, Portlandia would have been a show about a quirky English colony! And the upcoming Command & Conquer: Oregon Treaty will sound great on this gaming soundbar, FYI.

Respect the spirit of a little-known but quite successful world leader! Celebrate President James Polk!