Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

by Wootbot

Maybe it’s Death Race. Maybe it’s Eagle Eye. Maybe Wanted. This year everyone has one pretty lousy action movie that they still very much wanted to see. That’s the dirty little secret of the movie industry. Namely, that the system used by movie reviewers is completely unscientific.

You can throw out “four stars” and “six thumbs” all you want, but what does that mean? There’s really only one measure of thrills and romance, and that’s heart rate. So we’re proposing an new system based on the Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

With the ability to measure Systolic, Diastolic and pulse rate, the Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can finally tell us which is more exciting, the first time Jason leaps out of the bushes in Friday The 13th or when Freddie grows to a hundred feet tall and eats Johnny Depp in Nightmare On Elm Street. The built in memory stores up to sixty readings, so you can poll your friends to find out who is the better leading lady, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct or Lauren Bacall in To Have And Have Not. And once you get those readings, you can move them via the USB connection to your Windows PC. The Hypertension Data Management System lets you break down the measurements by hour, day, month or year, making sure we can finally have a guide to movies based on real numbers, and not some jerkface who thinks Blade Runner was lousy. I mean, honestly, Leonard Maltin.

With the Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, you can find that guy who hates the Batman movies and shut him up once and for all. You can even use the irregular heartbeat indicator to see if you’ve got an irregular heartbeat. Good to know before you get in the popcorn line. And having visual cues will really help you understand what changes your blood pressure.

Don’t waste your time trying to explain the complex nature of chaos and order and how they entwine in a unending dance. Pull out some hard figures like a geek should! The Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is your ticket to winning every movie debate conclusively. What’s better than being right?

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Mark of Fitness


  • Measures Systolic, Diastolic blood pressure, and your pulse rate
  • Employs the oscillometric method for measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator flashes to show if you have an irregular heartbeat
  • Set personal goals by programing a target blood pressure, the reading flashes when it is over your target
  • Built in memory to stores up to 60 readings each for two people and can transfer your data to a PC
  • Hypertension Data Management System runs on a Windows PC that can analyze your measurements by hour, day, week, month, or year and gives you a visual representation of your readings over a period of time
  • Operates on AC power (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Automatic inflation with automatic exhaust valve


  • Operating Principle: Oscillometric Method
  • Indicator: 17 Digital Liquid Crystal Display
  • Pressure Indicating Range: 0 to 300 mmHg (Cuff Pressure)
  • Systolic Measuring Range: 50 to 250 mmHg
  • Diastolic Measuring Range: 40 to 140 mmHg
  • Pulse Rate Measuring Range: 40 to 160 bpm
  • Cuff Pressure Accuracy: ±3 mmHg
  • Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±5% of Reading
  • Inflation: Automatic Inflation
  • Exhaust: Automatic Exhaust Valve
  • Power Supply: 6.0 VDC AC Adapter, Model ZL-26, or 4 AA Batteries
  • Memory: 2 Banks, each stores 60 readings
  • Operating Environment: +50°F to +104°F, 15 to 90% relative humidity
  • Storage Environment: -4°F to +122°F, 15 to 95% relative humidity
  • Cuff Coverage Arm Circumference: 9.1 to 16.9 in. (23 to 43 cm)
  • Weight: Approx 17.1 oz. (485g) with out batteries
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 5.9×4.1×4.7 inch (150×105 120 mm)

System Requirements (for software only):

  • Operating System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 32bit Vista (Factory install only)
  • Hard Disk: 20MB
  • RAM: 16mb, 32mb recommended
  • Processor: 80468CPU with 50MHz, 75MHz recommended
  • 1 USB Port

In the box:

  • Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Storage Box
  • Cuff
  • Instruction Guide
  • Wellness Tracking Chart

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