Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager

by wootbot

A Cover Up

What are you hiding under that thing?

Hey guys! Man, what a beautiful day to just chill out and kick it at the beach! Thanks for inviting me! Here, let me lay my towel down and take off my shirt, which is something I'm totally not nervous to do at all!

What's what? Oh, that! It's my Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager! Yeah, I've found there's nothing better than relaxing on some soft sand and getting a massage from an a electronic device! Certainly, I'm not using the Prospera's nodes to cover up any embarrassingly shaped freckles!

No, I simply love its soothing pulse, which can relieve the pain of a stiff neck or a sore leg or whatever, but I personally like to use it on these four specific points on my chest, which are completely unrelated to where any birthmarks lie or anything like that.

Why, you'd think leaving them there all day would get annoying, but not so! Thanks to its 5 settings, I can keep things interesting, and if I find one that I like more than others, there's a "repeat" option!

It sure is an excellent product, one that I'm using here on the beach because I genuinely enjoy it, and not at all because I have four freckles that are the exact shapes of Australia, Alaska, Greenland, and the Isle of Man!