Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot

Semper Hi-Fi

The few. The proud. The waterproof.

Okinawa. Guadalcanal. The shores of Tripoli. Wherever you're heading for summer fun, storm the beach with an expeditionary force of the finest fighting speakers known to man: the Pyle Marines.

A little moisture won't stop them from delivering lethal sonic power from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. Shock-proof and traveling light, these devil dogs are built for this. Trained for this. Hungry for this.

This is your speaker. There are many like it, but this Pyle Waterproof Speaker is yours. It is your best friend. It is your life. It must master wireless sound as you must master your life. So be it, until rockin' tunes are yours and there is no silence.