Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set

by wootbot

Never Again

"Barry. Get these cookies out of my sight."

"Are you sure, Amy?"

"Yes. They amuse me no more, and I feel my innards expanding. I condemn them to the darkest pits of the refrigerator."

"But Amy- m'lady, the cookies would surely lose their flavorful texture in such a cold clime. Mayhaps I should lock them away using your Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set?"

"You dare question my judgment, Barry?"

"Of course not, m'lady, a thousand pardons. I only mean that the cookies may remain of some use or amusement to you if we keep them in Pyrex? The non-porous glass will absorb no odors or stains, and the seal will keep the cookies fresh."

"Very well, Barry. You have served me well. Pass the remote control."