Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

by wootbot

'Til Death Do Us Spoil

They met at a wedding. He was sitting on the gift table. She was the bride.

The funny thing is, she can't even remember who brought Pyrex to the wedding. In all the commotion afterwards, the gift list was lost. But as soon as she saw those nine glasses containers and multi-colored lids, she knew who she should have been walking down the aisle with.

It isn't easy to sneak away from your own wedding - especially with one of the biggest gifts. But when Grandma Ada's arrival, just out of the hospital, drew everyone's attention, she made her move.

Grab the Pyrex. Out the side door of the chapel. Find her best friend Amanda's car, the one with the spare key under the mat. Amanda would understand later. They were off, her driving, still in her wedding dress, him beside her, as strong and silent and oven-safe as ever.

Through all the years after, she was grateful to Pyrex for more than his convenient storage and reheating of leftovers. She owed him for saving her from making the biggest mistake of her life.