Razer Pro Click Mobile Mouse

by Wootbot

We Actually Like Lawyers (Please Don’t Sue Us)

It was a day just like today when a guy named Walt started his empire.

His last name? That’s not important, because those lawyers lovvve to vanity search. But his first name is so common it couldn’t POSSIBLY be actionable, and the story of how he turned one mouse into a force that can write laws and influence the very fabric of gender politics is a sign of just what a man can do when he tries.

And how does this relate to you? Well, you’re looking at a Razer Pro Click Mobile Mouse right now. And surely you’re a genius, aren’t you? You know in your head you’re better than some guy named Walt. What an L7, right? So clearly, you MUST be able to find and expand a more powerful company than… that one we’re talking about here. What’s stopping you? What’s standing in your way?

That’s right. You don’t have a mouse.

Anyway, because of those lawyers we mentioned before we can’t legally promise you that buying a Razer Pro Click Mobile Mouse will open up a magical world that lifts you to the very heights of fame and puts you in the driver’s seat of a multi-billion dollar empire… but we CAN say that the last guy who threw money at a mouse pulled it off pretty well.

So, you know, think it over.


Warranty: 90 Day Razer

Condition: Refurbished


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