RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion

by Wootbot

Todd: Man, this Pee-Wee’s Playhouse tape is totally malted. I can’t even tell which King of Cartoons that is.

Eric: I told you it was an old tape. You know what they should totally invent? A DVD recorder.

Todd: They have those.

Eric: I’m not talking about a DVD burner. I mean a DVD recorder, like a VCR but with DVDs instead of tapes.

Todd: Yeah, they have those.

Eric: No way.

Todd: Seriously. My cousin, he’s got an RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder. It can totally record TV shows or whatever onto DVD+R/+RW or DVD-R/-RW discs, from your TV tuner, camcorder, whatever. Not only that, but it plays DivX videos, has an HDMI output and comes with a free HDMI cable. It can supposedly upconvert your existing DVDs to look kinda high-resolution, if you believe that one.

Eric: Yeah, but can it record TV shows or whatever onto DVD+R/+RW or DVD-R/-RW discs?

Todd: Dude, I just said that! Are you even listening to me?

Eric: Oh, sorry, sorry. I was rewinding back to see Dixie again and I guess I zoned out. You know what she does to me.

Warranty: 90 days