Reebok Men's Performance Shorts

by wootbot


Get stylish! Get athletic! Get relaxed and comfy! Get some ice cream!

Okay, yeah, you absolutely COULD use these Reebok Athletic Shorts for workouts and for jogging and for karate practice and for parkour and for whatever your active lifestyle demands. But the truth? The truth is you're probably gonna pull 'em on and lounge on the couch watching a Doctor Who marathon. And you know what? That's cool with us.

Because it's your life, right? If you feel like your legs are too hot from the air coming from the Xbox's fan... okay! If you want to show off your knees in December while taking a cab to the pizza place at the end of the block... go for it! We're not at all troubled or upset by this. It has nothing to do with us! Not one bit!

So here's the deal: buy these athletic shorts and use them for athletics... IF that's what you enjoy. Or pull 'em on and drink a beer while floating in the pool. That's good too.