Remington King of Shaves Kit

by wootbot

Remington Steal

The British. So dapper. So debonair. So clean-shaven. Watch our demo video to find out how you can get that Hugh Grant look on a Lou Grant budget.

Like cricket, monarchy, and the Bay City Rollers, King of Shaves is a British icon that just never caught on in the colonies after its 2011 launch here. Over there, King of Shaves can't leave its hotel without being chased by screaming girls and ruthless tabloid photographers. But the American men's razor market is so crowded, not even Remington could John-Bully their way into it.

So we bought all of their unsold stock of five-blade Azor razors to pass the shavings on to you. "But see here, old chap," you say, "Does this mean I'll have to jet off to old Blighty for replacement blades?" First of all, drop the accent. Who do you think you are, Dick Van Dyke? Second, each one of these kits includes a total of 15 cartridges, so you're talking, like, a year of shaving a la Angloise from each kit. Buy the Woot limit of three kits and holy crap - you're up to, like, three years. Or, as they call it in England, six score morthings and ha'week.

By then, you'll either be ready to enter into full subjection to the King of Shaves, or end your foreign dalliance and return to a good old Yankee razor. But either way, your face will know what it's like to feel the finest Anglo-Saxon blade since Excalibur.