Ridgid 18 Volt Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

by wootbot

Big Boy Toys

One day you'll graduate from that Little Tykes tool bench. Promise, Buddy.

Who, Steve? Yeah, that guy couldn't drill his way out of a paper bag. How do I know? Because he's over there right now, trying to drill his way out of that paper bag.

Listen, Steve's a good guy. But he's the kind of guy who always smacks his thumb with the hammer, or super glues his fingers together, or crawls into a giant paper bag if you tell him there's a Star Crunch inside.

He's not the kind of guy who has any use for an 18-volt lithium ion drill with superior power in a more compact design. He'll never fully appreciate a locking mechanism that securely holds bits during high torque applications. And he doesn't have the capacity for a grip light that engages independently of the trigger to illuminate the work space. Because if he did, let me tell ya. There'd be one sweet mother of a shadow puppet show happening in there right now.

I saw it once. It was actually pretty cool.