Roku HD Player

by Wootbot

We Will, We Will, Roku

He’s got mud on his face. A big disgrace. But your friend has never seen it! Too bad the torrent has no seeds right now.

Of course, with a Roku N1100 Wireless HD Media Player, you could be watching that show or movie instantly, with real time streaming. There’s Netflix, UFC, MLB, some strange company named Amazon, all of them potentially streaming right over your pre-existing Internet connection, straight to your TV in High Def or DVD quality. No, no, don’t go all conspiracy here, we want to be sure you understand that a movie from 1931 probably won’t ever be “High Def” no matter what you do. We’re just trying to be honest so nobody emails us later saying “MY STREAM OF GAL FRIDAY WASN’T AS CLEAR AS MY NEW COPY OF AVATAR!” Yeah, you laugh now, but you should see the letters we get.

Anyway, the Roku N1100 Wireless HD Media Player connects to almost any TV, even the old ones, and also gives you access to Pandora, as well as your music library with MP3Tunes. Plus if you buy the premium subscription down the road, you get those sports packages, which means you can even watch stuff that’s not on the networks! And it even handles wireless, so you can put it anywhere you want! Except, you know, in the middle of a puddle in the backyard. Again, we just want to be clear, for those customers who, y’know, don’t quite understand.

The Roku N1100 Wireless HD Media Player is a great addition to your home theater system, even if that system is just a tree stump with some wire hangers coming out the back. Which is just a joke, really. The Roku N1100 Wireless HD Media Player won’t work with a tree stump. We’re kidding around, okay? Sorry for the confusion.


Warranty: 90 Day Roku




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