Roku HD-XR Player

by Wootbot

Beaucoup Roku

Move over, last month’s model—now there’s something media

If you bought the Roku model we sold on August 16th, you’re probably just now beginning to understand the degree to which it’s going to improve your life.

You’re probably parked in front of your television, watching all your favorite movies and television shows from Netflix and Amazon and whencever else quality programming is streamed. You’re probably smirking with smug satisfaction about how much cheaper and easier it was to plug-and-play with your Roku than it would have been to figure out how to set up a media center PC and hook it up to your TV.

You’re probably lording this nifty little gizmo over all your friends, telling them how great it is, and how stupid they were to pass on it three weeks ago, and how they’ll never have another chance to grab one at such a good price.

Or you would be, anyway—if you weren’t glued to the sofa watching your way through thirteen hour-long episodes of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS and thirty-two installments of PETER GUNN.

Well, the joke’s on you! Because if you had only waited until today, you could have bought the slightly better XR model! It’s got all the features your Roku box has, plus greater range. That’s what the “XR” stands for, see: “Extended Range.” (Apparently Roku’s engineers learned programming in the extra time they had on their hands after dropping out of their grade school spelling bees in the first round.)

In a way, though, you could also say the joke’s on your friends, because even though they’ve got a chance to buy today’s Roku media player and pass you in this little keeping-up-with-the-Jonses home entertainment arms race you’ve got going on, it’s still going to cost them an extra Hamilton. That XR feature don’t come for free.

We admit, it’s kind of a confusing situation. But there’s definitely a joke, and it’s definitely on one of you. As to exactly what the joke is, though, and on specifically whom—well, you’ll have to work that out between yourselves. Maybe sometime when you’re not preoccupied with your Ten Years of LAW & ORDER SVU Streaming Marathon.

So, like, December.

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty


Warranty: 90 Day Roku

Condition: Refurbished


How it Works:

  1. Plug it in – The Roku player is compatible with virtually any TV
  2. Add it to your home network – Whether your home is wireless or wired, the helpful on-screen instructions make it a cinch
  3. Start watching – You can pause, fast forward, rewind, or return to where you left off anytime

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Product Specifications:

In the box:

Note: High-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps is required to use this product. 5 Mbps is recommended for HD streaming.