Royal Luxe 400TC Down Alternative Comforter-3 Sizes

by wootbot

Let's Explore the World of Comfort!

Because at some point you have to stop playing Geoguessr and get some sleep.

Hey, what's the language on that sign? Is that Spanish or Portugue- oh, uh, sorry. We're supposed to be telling you about today's Woot, which is what, like, a laptop or something, probably? Oh, yeah, comforters, right.

So these comforters are nice and warm and made of 100% Egyptian cotton even though Egypt isn't on Street View yet and hey which side of the road do people drive on in Russia because this looks like Russia, or somewhere kind of northern/eastern European with the trees and the mountains, but the cars are driving on the left, so I don't know... ah, hell, let's say Romania...

Ugh. New Zealand. That's gonna kill my score.

Anyway, comforters. Yeah, so, uh, they come in three sizes, which reminds me, do you have any IDEA how big British Columbia is? I feel like I should get some points for getting the province right even if it's like 400 kilometers away, you know?

Speaking of 400, that's the thread count of these comforters. And they're full of polyester fiber fill that's as warm and cozy as down, for those nights when oh my GOD who decided both Australia and Botswana should have scrubby, red-clay deserts when they're like 10,000 kilometers apart?!?