Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

by wootbot

Say Cheesy!

I chose this Magic Frame based on the abject horror I experienced upon seeing that two tons of make-up and hair teased to the rafters made me look exactly like my Great Aunt Mildred.

Welcome to Fantasy Foto, where we make all your wildest photo dreams come true. Are you ready for your magic makeover?

That's right! We've got to get you all gussied up before we take your picture with this Samsung 20.3MP Digital Camera. You're about, what, 14? Well when we get done with you, you're gonna look at least 55!

OK, so I gotta check the 20-55mm lens zoom on this thing and make sure the APS-C super-sonic dust reduction sensor is working right real quick. But while I'm doing that, go on over there and pick out the clothes you want to wear.

I would suggest either the feather boa and the sailor hat, or the American flag. If you choose the latter, we'll just put you in a tube top and drape it over your shoulders so you'll look like you're naked underneath. But don't worry. It'll look real classy.